When you are looking for one of the best apartment around that you can take on rent which gives you the feeling of MY PORTLAND APARTMENT, there are certain things that you need to consider before you should actually take it.

Obviously you would be looking to give good first impression to your landlord but at the same time landlord’s first impression should also be good on you. Best thing that you can do for finding out if some property is really worth living in then you can get a good idea about it by talking to current and past tenants. Normally you would like to have a landlord who’s safe and courteous and promptly gives attention to the maintenance issues. Some of the things that you should inquire about in this regard can be infrastructure issues, response times for different complaints and the infrastructure issues.

It’s also the best time for inquiring about the living expenses of that particular area, particularly when you are going to move to some new neighborhood. You can get a rundown from current tenants about what is being spent by them on utilities, entertainment and transportation. They can also provide you with good information about neighborhood like where you can eat from,location of various school districts, as well as the best amenities available locally.

Once you are satisfied with the apartment, landlord and the location, a last walk-through is necessary before you sign on dotted line. As there might have been some maintenance issues damages caused by previous tenants, it’s necessary for you to ensure that you will not be laidresponsible for the issues that were not your fault at all.

To avoid such issues you need to turn on the faucets and lights, and the flush toilets all through your new potential apartment for making sure that all of them are in proper working conditions. Check for the insect or rodent infestation, specifically in storage spaces and cupboards. Droppings or chew marks are main red flag. Come with your cell phone and its charger for checking all outlets by plugging the charger and ensure that all of them work properly. Check out the smoke alarms as well as the equipment used for fire safety like extinguisher, especially in the apartment’s kitchen. Open/close and lock/unlock all windows and doors. Turn on every included appliance for ensure that they work properly. Do a thorough examination of walls and floors to check if there is any kind of damage. Hardwood, carpet, drywall, tiles, and linoleum should be inspected. If there are any problems in any area make sure that you take their pictures with your digital camera and show these to your landlord. Save these pictures for any potential maintenance discrepancies or problems in getting back your security deposit at the time you leave the property.

When you are out in the market for searching out a perfect apartment that fulfills all your requirements and provides you everything that you desire, you find it hard to get one and it requires lots of planning and so many things to consider. Before you get My PORTLAND APARTMENT, you need to keep some of the points given here in your mind.

Hunting your next apartment is not a kind of job that should be left for last minute. Ideally, you need to start the hunting process 3 months prior to the date on which you are planning your move. Usually the current tenants are required by the landlords to inform about the vacancy well in advance and at least a notice before 30 days is a must.

Even though you would be looking for the features in your apartment that should be specific to your lifestyle and personal preferences, some basic things should be looked for like price, transportation, convenience and safety. You should not look for the apartments that do not fall inside your budget. It is not likely that you will get discounts on rent by your landlords due to which you might either overspend or get disappointed when you are unable to afford your dream apartment. Furthermore, if you don’t have a car at present, check the proximity of each potential apartment to the public transportation. You may be able to find an apartment in wonderful neighborhood and it can also be well-priced but if you are required to spend good bit of your time in calling taxis or walking then they may not turn out to be an attractive option. Besides the transportation costswill have to be taken away from your budget and will be the part of your rental expenses in a way.

If you select an apartment which is located convenientlythen your life will become quite easy. Go for some place that is close your work, transportation, amenities like laundry and shopping. Your safety is another prime concern when you are considering the neighborhood where you want your next apartment. Efforts should be made by the landlords for giving a sense of safety to their tenants in the apartment. Private entrances, proper locks at every door and overall security must give you a comfortable feeling about the place you are going to rent.

Once you have considered all these options, next thing that you need to do is gathering the down payment. It is often necessary for you to pay an initial deposit or down payment as security and normally it is the rent of first and the last month. Obviously this amount is retained by landlord, however, the additional security amount that you have to pay is refunded when you leave that property.

Most of the apartment renters find rent checks to be the major expense in their monthly budget and it is often considered as fixed cost. Before you singed the lease for MY PORTLAND APARTMENT there might have been a chance for you to get some discount but once you are in,you just have to pay the amount every month no matter what. However, it just takes some sweet little talk on phone and you will be able to find the best way out. Here are some ways that can prove to be helpful for you to save some money in terms of rent without getting to move.

First and foremost thing you can do is to negotiate. It’s tough for the landlords too. They don’t find collecting to be an easy thing and they would be willing to let you to pay lower rent instead of getting the whole lease defaulted. Chasing down the late payments often costs so much of money to the property managers and landlords, even if you are forced by them to cover the legal bills for them at the end of the day.

Just talk with the landlord. Keep it in mind that turnover proves to be an enormous expense for the landlords, hence some tradeoff can really be a great idea for them. You can explain the situation you are in and suggest somewhat lower rent price for remaining lease period. You can even ask them for getting something else for free, just like the parking.

Another better idea is that you can ask them for signing the extension trading off the lower rent. This would certainly make the landlord happy as he’ll be able to avoid any stress of going through the leasing process once again. In case rent price is not lowered then some freebies can be the choice for you such as free cable service for a few months. It’s a method which works well for people who rent some condo from the owner too.

As soon as your lease ends, you should be straight forward and go for some really effective strategies for negotiation. It is never a preferable option for any landlord to take risk of getting the apartment vacant and besides that they also do not want to pay the fees for hiring some real estate agent for finding some new tenant. A dependable, good tenant is the dream of every landlord.

In case if you are capable of paying more of your rent upfront, this will allow you to negotiate for a discount on early payment. You may be able to find 5 to 10 percent relaxation in the rent amount if rent is paid by you till 20thof prior month. An effective budgeting would be possible if you lower down the regular expenses.

If you have been on the quest to find the best apartment in Portland then you need to be aware of some important aspects of apartment renting procedures beforehand. The terms of the lease should most importantly be considered before you opt to rent an apartment which you would be calling My PORTLAND APARTMENT in near future. There are different types of the lease agreement based on contract terms and the time frame.

If you are going to rent an apartment for a shorter period of time then periodic leases would do best for you. When you opt for periodic lease, it is acknowledged by the landlord that every month your situation can change and allows you to renew the lease month after payment every month. This type of leases can, however, be quite expensive and as they have to be renewed every month, the right for raising the rent any time is reserved with the landlord. You should have to give a notice to your landlord before 30 days if you have to vacate the apartment. Hence it can be the best choice for you if a living space is needed by you for short-term.

Most commonly people go for fixed term lease. According to this type of lease your contract is for a specified time period like 3 months, 6 months, 1 yearoreven 2 years. Mostly, if you opt for moving out during this time, you are still liable for paying for time that is remaining in your lease regardless of whether you are going to live in apartment afterwards or not. This means to lock lower rate, however, which can prove to be an ideal choice for the situations where you are renting for longer-term.

A 3-party lease agreement is referred to as sublease. This type of agreement is done when renter wants to vacate the apartment and is still the part of the lease with landlord and the responsibility of paying the rent lies on him. In this lease, a resident is found by original renter for taking over the lease paymentstill his term ends. The landlord is then paid by renter for contract’s duration. The landlord must approve the sublease.

Regardless of the term of lease, it includes the articles like amount of security deposit – as well as the conditions to which this deposit is subjected to be retained by the landlord –rental terms, how you’ll have to inform the landlord about vacating his property, and the issues and behavior that can lead to eviction like non or late payment, property destruction or something like that. Rental price might not be negotiated too often,but the lease can be. You have the option of negotiating on utilities’ cost or get some guarantorfor co-signing if you don’t have a perfect credit score.